Mount board basics: how to make a statement, or let your picture do the talking

Written by chris pink on January 16, 2014 in Picture Framing

Mount board is a funny thing – when it comes to complimenting a room or art-work, it’s amazing how much difference getting the right colour can make. Assuming you’ve chosen to order a mount for your picture, photo or print, here’s a brief guide to what’s on offer.

Note: as we said in a previous blog post…every framer & artist has a different idea of what’s right. Opinions will always differ!

Keep things natural and go off-white

Off-white mount board may sound like a simple kind of thing, but in reality there are dozens – if not tens! – of different shades of off-white on the market. Some are eggshell, while others verge on beige, grey or pink. The great thing about these mounts is how versatile they are. Off-white mount board is perfectly suited to black & white photographs or more colourful pictures (particularly when you want the picture to stand-out, allowing the frame and mount board to take a back seat, so to speak).

Contemporary paintings love colourful mounts

If you’re intending to place a modern impressionist painting in a Spanish villa – or a hallway in dire need of cheering up – terracotta, bright red and yellow always look stunning. The key here is to match the dominant colour of the painting with the mount (or as close as you can get it).

Dark mounts for that crisp, clean edge

Want to really focus the eye on the art-work? There’s nothing like a jet-black mount board. By creating a sharp contrast between the lighter tones of the painting, dark mount board can add the perfect finish. Always a great option for black & white photography.

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