A look at the many types of white mount board on offer

Written by chris pink on April 25, 2014 in Picture Framing

It’s a common scenario: a customer enters a frame shop and says to the framer “I’d like to have some white mount board [matting] cut, please”.

At this, the framer senses a long conversation, filled with explanation…see, if you weren’t aware, white mount board or matting comes in many different shades. In this blog post, we’ll look generally at 5 popular and very different options that are available – rather than examining in-depth the many different styles within each category – so that you have a better idea of what to order from us and what is out there for you to use.

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Brilliant/ice white mount board

Simply put, brilliant/ice white mount board (which also has a number of other names!) is the brightest and most sharp white mount board that money can buy. Offering the greatest contrast between a dark image and its mount, this option works very well for pen-and-ink sketches, black & white photography and anything else where you want to make the image the true focus of attention.

Versions are available with white, cream and black cores…so have a good think before you decide! (Note: this is the same for all the mount board types featured in this article.)

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Snow white mount board

Snow white is commonly used for several reasons: it’s white without being so striking that it overwhelms the painting, and it goes well with the interior décor of most modern homes where white is a prominent feature.

On first inspection, snow white mount board may appear very white, but when placed against brilliant white mount board, it becomes obvious that the colour has a discernible amount of cream within it.

Eggshell mount board

With eggshell mount board, we move slightly further away from white, and – generally speaking – towards a more creamy level of colour than offered by snow white mount board. The name, of course, has less to do with the colour and more to do with the sheen that the mount card gives off.

Speckled-white mount board

Speckled-white mount board is actually just as much grey as it is white. Look closely at the card and you’ll notice that it’s half white, half speckled, tiny grey dots. This is a good alternative for those looking for something that won’t overpower their pen-and-ink sketches.

Marbled white mount board

Looking for something with a slightly rustic charm? Marbled white may be the one for you. Opinion on marbled white mount board varies from positive to negative, owing to the marbled veins that run through it, giving it a similar appearance to marbled stone.

The other many types of white mount board!

We don’t have enough time in this blog post to go into all the other types of mount board that are available (it also wouldn’t make much sense, seeing as different manufacturers tend to use slightly different names for the same product), but one thing is certain: white mount can come with hints of orange, red, blue, green, yellow, pink and just about any other colour that you can imagine.

Confused? As may already be evident, your picture or photograph will likely benefit from a mount which features elements of similar colours. There’s lots more advice on mounts in past blog posts here at Picture Frame Studio, but you can always send us an email if you need a little more help – or feel free to give us a ring.


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