Ornate versus modern: the many faces of gold picture frames

Written by chris pink on May 9, 2014 in Picture Framing

Buy gold frames onlineUnsurprisingly to most, the origins of gold picture frames go back many hundreds of years. By the 18th Century, gilt frames were a staple of France — one associated with riches, monarchs and the prestige of luxurious living that only a select few could afford. By combining a dazzling look and a sense of elegance, gilt picture frames have always been popular, and their identity has stood the test of time.

With today’s modern manufacturing methods making gold – and, more to the point, gold appearance – frames more accessible than ever, the choices are virtually endless. As a result, knowing where to begin can be…somewhat of a challenge!

The good thing is that today we’re giving you a helping hand. In this week’s blog post, we take a look at the various options available to the modern consumer, weigh-up the pros and cons and examine which styles meet the various budget requirements of all consumers.

Want a gilt frame but not entirely sure which style will suit your home? Read on to find out everything you need to know.

 Acrylic and machine-made

 Looking to have a piece framed in gold, but low on budget or looking to make a saving? The latest manufacturing and machining methods excel at creating low-cost, high appearance frames that look the part. Gold appearance may be the second choice of gold purists, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also serve a distinct purpose. While an expert or anyone with picture framing experience will know a faux-gold frame from across the room, these frames are enormously popular, just as ornate as many of the more expensive true gold frames and worth your consideration.

 Better still, acrylic and machine-moulded frames are available in styles to suit all kinds of images and photographs, from traditional to modern.

 Ornate gilt frames for mirrors

When it comes to mirrors, almost nothing looks as captivating and exciting as gold. The dazzling shine is reflected in the mirror glass, while the frames range from narrow and flat to very wide and festooned with detail. The truly wonderful thing about ornate gold frames for mirrors is the sheer range of choice for every single budget out there.

Looking to pick up a gold mirror frame for cheap? They exist in antique shops and at jumble sales all over this country and the world. Or, alternatively, to get precisely what you want, why not peruse our online shop and see what we have to offer?

Handfinished metal leaf picture frames

Looking for a compromise between gold appearance frames and something top-end? The good news is that you can get this for a reasonable price, and the increase in quality is substantial. Metal leaf is far cheaper and more available than gold leaf, so while its price is reflective of its make-up and it handles differently to true gold leaf (it does feel noticeably heavier), it can also look fantastic when handled properly. It also comes in a huge choice of colour tones.

Metal leaf frames can be bought as standard straight out of the factory, or metal leaf can be applied by a picture framer to give a more hand-made, rustic appeal. In other words, it’s the ideal compromise between quality and performance and a great way to test out your love for true gold without jumping straight in.

Handfinished real gilt picture frames

Sitting right at the top of the genre – for want of a better word – is the true gold, or gilded, picture frame. Looking to make a serious impression? Gilded frames come in many different forms (as well as many different carats) but one common factor which runs through them all is the sense of prestige and awe they deliver to a room.

In a dull room, where gold isn’t so easily able to flourish, an expensive, hand-gilded frame may look similar to a gold appearance frame. Open the curtains, however, and you’ll see virtually a miracle take place. Amongst gold’s many positive attributes is its intrinsic ability to reflect light, emitting a spectacular glow. The cost of gold may be going up all the time as this precious commodity comes ever closer to extinction, but here at Picture Frame Studio, we don’t see demand dying out any time soon.


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