A quick guide to staining and waxing picture frames

Written by chris pink on July 11, 2014 in Picture Framing

How to wax a picture frame

When applying wax, be sure to glide over the wood quickly, so you don’t tear the wax off the frame before it has a chance to adhere


Got a picture frame at home that’s plain and boring? Then in this week’s rapid-fire DIY blog post, Picture Frame Studio have the answer! Read on for a quick guide to staining and waxing frames.

1: you’ll need some methylated spirit based stain. This is made by a number of manufacturers, can be applied with a standard brush of your choosing, and isn’t overly expensive. You’ll also need some clear or dark wax (other colours are also available).

Note: applying dark wax will increase the depth of the colour by twice the amount or more.

2: next you’ll need a frame that will accept the stain gracefully. Generally, soft woods work better than hard woods for staining, and frames with grain showing through will look even more attractive (in contrast, the stain will be stronger and darker where the grain is).

3: before you begin, you’ll need to strip any remaining wax off the frame – be aggressive with that sandpaper – and then apply the stain generously. Staining isn’t a job to be laboured over or left half-way through. Do this and you’ll end up with highly visible brush marks. So the key here is to be fast and careful.

4: are you happy with how the frame looks? Most stains look lighter once they are dry. If you need to apply another coat, you should do so now.

5: once it’s all nice and dry, it’s time to get that wax on. Apply it with a clean rag and ensure the frame is covered. Then leave it for several hours, or until the wax appears more or less dry to the touch. Finally, go over it gently to begin with, building up the pressure as the wax begins to harder. Repeat the process as in this previous how to, then there it is, you are finished!

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