Which style of frame should I choose?

Written by chris pink on August 1, 2014 in Picture Framing

Picture frames come in countless styles, sizes and colours, and the result is that nobody has to compromise with their art. But choice poses a problem, of course…which style will work the best?

Here’s a quick guide that should remove some mystery.

Ornate gilt frames

Gold has long since been the frame of choice for stately homes, but there’s nothing stopping you from selecting this style for your smaller dwelling. Gold frames have always worked well with dark, polished furniture and lovers of oil paintings (traditionally, gilt frames haven’t been used with watercolours, but there’s nothing stopping you from breaking the rules!).

Wide simple frames

Wide frames


Wide frames usually have a minimal profile. This lends them well to contemporary art, pen and ink sketches, and photography. With this style of frame, the effect is more subtle, allowing the art to speak for itself.

Metal frames

Metal frames aren’t loved by everyone, but they have always served a purpose. Usually silver in colour, black and white is also available, and these frames – which work wonders with photography – are ideal for those who will be taking the frames apart in the future for transportation, or who need strong, rugged frames that will stand the test of time.

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