How to: DIY painted frame

Written by chris pink on September 12, 2014 in Picture Framing

We’ve got a wide range of frames here on our website, but every now and again we think it’s nice to take the hand-made approach.

Ever wanted to paint a frame but didn’t know how? With today’s blog post, we’re going to put that right.

Step 1: choose a suitable frame

What we mean by this, really, is choose a frame that is manageable. If this is the first time you’ve painted a frame, we recommend you start on a small one which has a simple profile. Flat or slightly curved frames without a great deal of detail are ideal.

Step 2: get the materials in

Lots of paints can be used for painting frames, but the one which will get you the best results is emulsion paint.

You’ll also need a couple of decent paintbrushes, some newspaper or rags to lay the frame on, and sandpaper. We strongly recommend you have both rough and fine sandpaper standing by.

Clear wax will also be needed, if you want a smooth and semi-shiny finish.

Step 3: painting and finishing

You’ll need to begin by filling in any holes and cracks. Then you can start painting.

The key here is layers, and you’ll want to do long strokes up and down the frame’s length. To create a strong finish you’ll need to leave the frame after each layer has been painted, so it can dry fully. Keep going until you have created a solid finish – be careful of brush-marks! – then leave overnight for it to properly harden.

Once your frame is dry, go over it with the rough sandpaper to remove any blobs or inconsistencies. Then use the fine stuff to create a mirror-smooth final finish.

For that perfect last touch, take a piece of rag and go over the frame with some clear wax. You’ll soon see it begin to shine and look great.

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