How to use bronze powder to enhance your frames

Written by chris pink on September 19, 2014 in Picture Framing

Looking to get the golden touch but don’t have the budget for genuine gold leaf? Using bronze powder is often an excellent compromise, and in this week’s blog post we look at a few ways in which this magic metal powder can be useful.

Finishing touches

Let’s say you have a plain black frame and you want to add an extra edge to it. Some sharp detail which will help to create striking lines. Here, bronze powder is an excellent option.

Many framers apply gold size and then, when it’s at the right level of tackiness, apply bronze powder. The result is a finish that mimics gold surprisingly well. Additionally, bronze powder goes a long way and can be used on a wide range of woods and materials.

Covering up

Ever wondered how it is that certain frames appear to have been gilded with one large sheet of gold leaf? If you can’t see any joining gaps, there’s a good chance that bronze powder has been used to cover them up!

Achieving the antique appearance

Bronze powder is an exceedingly versatile material. It can be mixed in to other mediums such as paint and gesso, or applied over the top in different densities.

This powder is so versatile, in fact, that even people who can afford to use gold leaf choose to use it instead. That’s because it’s easy to control and can appear much flatter and more consistent than gold leaf – the perfect solution when a uniform end result is precisely what’s needed.

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