Top 3 things not to do when framing a picture

Written by chris pink on September 26, 2014 in Picture Framing

Taste is taste. You know it, we know it. Everyone likes different things. And that’s what makes the world go round, right?

Then again…there are a few things that we highly doubt the collective picture framers across the planet would advise you do. Here’s the top 3. Avoid these and you’ll end up with a much more pleasing end result.

Don’t go over-board

With so many options, it’s easy to get carried away. Framing a simple watercolour? Then go with something simple and classy to surround it, as is the rule that has always worked. What’s more, ornate gold frames come in numerous varieties, so be sure to go with a style that’s not overly ornate, bright or wide for your piece. The same goes for mounts. Double mounts can be very effective, but should be used only when appropriate (and you have a desired look in mind!).

The “I’ll take anything” route

Being easy-going is a wonderful character trait. It can bite you in the rear quite painfully, though. Like when you decide to choose a frame just because you like it, without first ensuring it’ll work with both your art-work/photograph and the room in which it is to go! People also tend to run into problems when they are in a rush and pick whatever looks good at first glance.

Too dark for your room

People like using dark coloured frames and mounts because they can create a sharp contrast between your painting and the frame. We’d advise you think carefully on this – what you don’t want is a frame and mount combination that completely sucks the life out of what you’ve created!

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