Best striking picture frame solutions

Written by chris pink on October 17, 2014 in Picture Framing

Picture framing has always had a reputation for being traditional. While it’s true that more simple wooden frames are sold every year than anything else, that doesn’t mean you can’t go a slightly different route and buck the trend. Choosing a bright, striking or sharp frame is one simple way to do this. The best thing? There’s plenty available for every budget out there.

Metal frames

Need a bit of simplicity in your life? Generally, metal frames shun all the detail and opt for a far more smooth and simple approach. And metal doesn’t have to mean limited. Gun metal grey is available, and there are a wide variety of other shades that add a decent level of diversity to this framing genre.

Bright contemporary wooden frames

White is a popular colour for contemporary frames, mainly because it works well in any room and allows the framed piece within it to stand out from the wall. That said, the only limits here are your imagination, so there’s no need to shy away from colour. If you can’t find wooden frames in the bright colour you’re looking for, you can always paint your frames. Emulsion paint is easy to mix and a light shine of wax over the top will keep it looking good for ages.

Classic gold

Gold frames have been around for hundreds of years. The antique look might frequent England’s stately homes, but gold comes in plenty of other options and even different shades, too. For the most striking result, we’d recommend going easy on the detail and the moulding and selecting a wide, flat frame that really gives the gold a chance to shine.

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