How to choose a silver picture frame – a simple formula

Written by chris pink on November 28, 2014 in Picture Framing

We may have been framing pictures for years, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have indecisive moments when every frame out there seems like the best choice.

Fortunately, we’ve been baffled enough times that a handy formula has risen through the confusion. Read on to discover how to choose a silver picture frame in a quick-smart, straight-thinking way.

The basics

Before you get lost in a sea of styles, forget the colour. Instead, focus on (probably) the first thing you need to decide – what kind of mount you should have, if you’re having one. Should it be wide to make a feature of the picture, or should it be narrow to merely serve as a neat finish?

Shapes and textures

Now you know about the mount, you need to consider the various mouldings. Here, it’s time to bring silver into the equation. Are you looking for contemporary? If so, you’ll want a non-fuss silver frame that works with modern furniture.

Considering a classic picture frame? In that case, something with more flair and traditional features might work better. We’ve got various solutions, all in silver, and don’t forget to think about how the silver is presented…read on for that.

Silver leaf, metal leaf or painted finishes

The final consideration – which may also be the first, to make things even more confusing! – is what material makes the surface silver. Silver leaf is reflective, whereas silver paint might be matte and duller in comparison.

In reality, it’s hard to consider just one of these things in isolation, but this formula should at least help. And remember…silver can compliment wood nicely, so if you want the grain of the wood showing through, that can be arranged, too!

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