Why you should consider box framing a shirt

Written by chris pink on November 14, 2014 in Picture Framing

We know – we’ve heard it all before. Isn’t framing a shirt difficult, strange, or a little out of the ordinary? In fact, the framing of materials, garments included, goes back hundreds of years. In theory you can frame any object, so why not a shirt?

A fantastic and original Christmas gift

When Christmas comes around, it’s all too easy to go the electronic route. A better option for some children, however, is to have a favourite football or other sports shirt framed. Box frames allow these kind of shirts to be presented beautifully. The result is a gift that both maintains its value and looks good hanging on the wall.

The ideal option for signed memorabilia

The place for a signed shirt isn’t the back of the clothes drawer, surrounded by old clothes, it’s up there…on that wall! Presenting a shirt in a box frame is the ideal solution to keeping memorabilia – including toys, antiques and other things – in pristine condition. Because they are sealed behind glass, they are also sufficiently protected from heat, water and other elements that can damage pricey things.

Different options for showcasing…

When it comes to framing a shirt, you don’t have only one option – you have a few. Choose to show the entire garment, as if laid out flat, or opt to have the arms folded in so that it’s smaller and the focus is on the signature or player’s number.

Whichever option you go with, we have a range of custom box frame options and we’re refining them as we go, so that you get a product that makes someone special smile.

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