Great picture framing ideas for New Year’s

Written by chris pink on December 19, 2014 in Picture Framing

The chances are that as you read this, we’re either mere days away from Christmas 2014, or we’re all in the full-flow of Christmas Day food extravagance.

And, aside from indigestion and an over-load of TV specials, that means one certain thing: New Year’s day is approaching, and with it, the promise of change and a brand-new start!

With change in mind, and being cheery everyone’s priority, here are a few ways in which picture frames can make a difference for you in 2015…

Celebrate in panoramic style

Panoramic frames are wonderful. You can frame a huge group work photo with them, or a lovely snowy landscape that needs to be seen in its full size. We produce panoramic frames to suit literally every taste, so feel free to make an enquiry. See our website for more on the various kinds of materials we have to offer.

Frame something memorable

Memories and picture frames go together like…hmm, Christmas and socks for presents! We routinely frame things like signed football shirts, but we can also frame lots of other kinds of memorabilia too. Each time we do so, attention to detail is high so that we can present your memories in the way they should be.

Keep it varied with a collection

Forgot to give someone a Christmas present? In that case, January is your chance to make amends! A collection of framed photos, each in a similarly sized frame, is a wonderful way to turn an ordinary wall into one that will earn you more than a few hugs. Yipee!

Make it bold with a new colour scheme

Looking to re-paint in February? Great. Your only issue is that some of the frames from last year now may not work. We can help with that, and we’ve always done our best to offer picture frames at reasonable prices. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

And lastly…Merry Christmas to you!

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