How to: create a special memory with a custom picture frame

Written by chris pink on January 9, 2015 in Picture Framing

Standard size picture frames have always been enormously popular. They’re easy to find, affordable enough and simple to insert your own photo or art-work in to. Great for when you need something basic, and you don’t have the time to consider much else.

Custom picture frames, however, reveal a wealth of new possibilities. In this blog post we’re going to explore a few of them, starting with unique sizes.

A frame fit for every purpose

Standard frame sizes often do the job, but the beauty of a custom picture frame is plain to see. Have a painting that you bought on holiday? Chances are it wasn’t made to fit a standard frame! Rather than cramming it into a standard sized frame that’s just a bit too small, it makes more sense to have one made especially (particularly because you won’t have to cut the painting down!).

That way, you get a mount that matches that painting only, and a frame that does the painting or photo justice – a much better way to do things, we think, and a solution that isn’t much more expensive than an off-the-shelf version.

Finishes that match precisely

Buying a standard picture frame is so often a compromise. For the most part, it means getting a frame and mount that are almost but not quite perfect. Have a custom picture frame made and you can match it in a way that simply wouldn’t be possible any other way. Sometimes, it’s better not to compromise.

Combine an accurately proportioned mount with a frame made for the job and you have a combination that will do your memories justice.

Have something special in mind? We’re always happy to advise, chat about ideas or inform on what we have in stock, so do feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

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