How to: frame a baby photo

Written by chris pink on January 2, 2015 in Picture Framing

Now Christmas has been and gone, we’re sure of a few things. The first is that you’ll be wondering where the time has gone. The second is that you’ll likely have heard about a baby being born to a friend or loved one. And they don’t come much more special than a Christmas or new year baby now, do they?!

You can never go too far wrong when it comes to framing baby photos – cuteness wins over everything, after all – but follow our series of simple pointers and it should be even easier.

Step 1: setting the tone

Colour should be your first consideration, starting with the mount. Most people go for a light coloured mount, so you may want to choose white, off-white, or something similarly easy on the eyes. Light yellow, pink and blue also work well, and you’ll need to consider the décor of the house/room in which the picture will be hung (or make a good guess with something neutral that can go happily anywhere).

Step 2: frame considerations

There’s a reason why simple black frames work so well for this kind of photography: they focus the attention on the subject. With this in mind, we’d advise against frames which are too busy or complex, and suggest that unless it’s a narrow frame profile, gold might be too much colour.

Wide, flat wooden frames do tend to work well, however, as they sit flush against the wall and make a nice statement.

Step 3: it’s the small details

Lastly, if possible, you’ll need to consider the home in which the picture will be staying. For example, you may not know exactly where the picture will be hung, but you may know if your friends have a penchant for bright lights and minimalist features. If this is the case, avoid frames which might be too reflective in such circumstances.

Similarly, before you make your final framing decision, consider the colours that are prominent in the photo. If there’s a lot of black and white, consider choosing a black-core mount to create a sharp box in which to view the subject.

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