How to: get the most out of chunky wooden picture frames

Written by chris pink on January 23, 2015 in Picture Framing

There’s a place for subtle. Subtle works well with romantic watercolours, or cherished wedding memories where you want clean with a hint of class. Sometimes, though, you want chunky, bold and to make a statement. That’s an area where chunky frames excel!

3 reasons why chunky can be best

If you’re looking to make your art work really jump off the wall, a thick wooden frame can be ideal. Because these kinds of frames are bold, yet simple – and without any fuss or detail – they give an attractive border that enhances any image.

More often than not, chunky wooden frames are surprisingly light too, which makes hanging them nice and easy for the average person with limited picture framing knowledge (which also means that they hang beautifully on plaster walls where heavy fixings are a no-go).

Lastly, chunky wooden picture frames are extremely adaptable, resistant to damage and good at not flexing. You can paint one the shade you like for a bubbly child’s portrait, or you could have one gilded to give it a classy edge (of course, we have lots that come ready-made and are fine as they are).

With out without mounts is fine

Looking to float-mount a piece on paper, an inch or so away from the glass? Chunky wooden frames are deep enough to allow this (you’ll need to have a custom frame made if you’re doing this, but don’t worry, we can do that for you). Equally, if you need to have a wide mount for a watercolour, a chunky wooden picture frame will do the job nicely and give a quality, contemporary feel.

We’ll be back with another blog next week. Until then, feel free to have a look through our previous posts for picture framing inspiration!

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