Make the picture frame the feature…

Written by chris pink on February 20, 2015 in Picture Framing

On this blog, we’re all about the importance of making the picture stand out. Very often that means emphasising the art-work or photo with a frame that compliments its surroundings and doesn’t take over.

This week, however, we’re turning that logic on its head. Have a look at these two diagrams:

Wooden picture framesThe pair are obviously extreme examples of picture frames we don’t see every day. On the left we have a very thin frame that is really only there to hold the art in position and on the right we have a frame that seems to dominate the space within it completely.

On first inspection, the frame on the right seems too wide for its picture. Yet, when we place an oil painting inside such a frame, something magical happens…instead of the frame taking over the art within it, it both compliments it and becomes a piece of art in its own right!

In other words, rather than taking away from the small painting, the wide profile of the frame actually draws our eyes in. Instead of overpowering the art-work, the frame becomes an extension of it – both literally and aesthetically, too.

Wide frame choices galore…

Some picture frames work better than others for this scenario. Our advice would be to go with a wide, flat, wooden frame. Something fairly uncomplicated with a traditional feel. Gold can also work well, providing that the moulding isn’t too elaborate and the gold itself is fairly even across the grain of the wood.

That’s all for this week’s picture framing blog. Next week, we’ll be back again with something completely different to inspire you and keep you guessing!

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