Pewter picture frames for that classic look

Written by chris pink on February 27, 2015 in Picture Framing

Every frame material has its place. Wood is the all-round winner, of course, while metal picture frames are the ideal solution in an environment where things need to be tough.

But have you considered buying a pewter frame? When we say pewter, we should say now that we are talking about pewter effect frames which are actually made from wood.

Here are 3 reasons why you might want to consider adding a pewter style frame to your collection…

Black, with more interest

Black is a popular colour for picture frames, but not everyone wants something so dark and unforgiving. This is where pewter comes in. Pewter effect frames come in various shades and all of them have that iridescent charm that exudes quality. This makes pewter an ideal alternative.

Pewter frames are synonymous with class

Pewter is defined as a metal alloy which is malleable and between 85 and 99% tin. It also comprises of copper and other materials. Because of this, pewter has a finish that isn’t quite silver, and not quite copper.

This colour matches the same dark shades of burnt umber found in many old black and white photos, and thanks to this it has long been associated with sculptures and that classic antique look.

Looking to get a wedding photo framed or give something that timeless quality? Pewter may just be the way to go.

Pewter lends interest to simple frames…

One of the big weapons in pewter’s arsenal is its remarkable ability to turn any object into something more fascinating. That’s why simple picture frames with hardly any features and a smooth finish look so good in this finish.

If you’re looking to put a mount inside a pewter style frame, we’d recommend an off-white colour, as this always works very well.

See you next week for another picture framing blog!

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