Give the gift of a picture framed photo – 4 ideas for all ages

Written by chris pink on March 20, 2015 in Picture Framing

A framed photograph is a gift that’ll put a smile on the face of anyone, any age. That said, one size – and type – does not fit all! Read on for some classic ideas to suit new parents, youngsters, teenagers and older people who have seen it all.

The classic look – ideal for new parents

When you’ve just received the greatest gift of all-time, a child, the last thing you want is a present that’s more of a feature than your new little one! So, for new parents, we suggest giving a classic white or dark frame that won’t upstage the new arrival.

White frames are available in every size to suit, and both black and white picture frames work well with adorable black and white photos of babies.

The best picture frame idea for teens

For teenagers, we’d steer clear of gold and go with a light natural wood. Alternatively, you could apply a generous coating of liming wax and let the grain show through.

If your teen is a fan of bright colours, then by all means go ahead – and if you’re going this route…don’t hold back!

The brighter the colour, the more of a statement.

Picture frames for young children

Young children are probably the easiest to please on this list – you can’t go wrong with bold, bright colours, and a frame with multiple windows is bound to work well, because then they can have a series of lovely pictures to look at.

Alternatively, you could create a montage look, and stick all kinds of objects to the surface of the frame. Either go with a theme, or choose a selection of fun items and get DIYing!

What to do for older people

For the older more discerning person, your options are plentiful – choose a gold frame for that pure, established look, or go with a slightly more refined pewter frame.

Alternatively, dark wood frames always save the day, and if all else fails, you can choose a narrow metal frame that’ll work a treat with vintage photos in black and white or sepia.

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