Picture frames for kids: ideas to keep the little ones happy

Written by chris pink on March 6, 2015 in Picture Framing

This blog has been going for some time, but one thing we haven’t done much on is picture frames for kids.

Have you got children who are quickly amassing lots of photos, or drawing more pictures than you know what to do with? In this week’s blog edition, we bring you 3 great ideas for creative little people…

Colour and glitter is the way to go!

It doesn’t take much to transform a picture frame. We can supply you with a host of different mouldings, and then all you have to do is add the finishing touches – or have a fun afternoon with your child and some paint!

Glitter fixes well to PVA glue and can be found in all kinds of varieties, while a splash of paint in different colours will put a smile on every face that sees it.

Badges and the stick-on effect

If you’re looking to create a picture frame with texture, then we’d recommend buying a plain wooden frame and sticking badges and other things to it. Once again, PVA glue is what you want to use, and creative is what you want to get!

Badges, leaves, beads and fabric can all be stuck on to make for an intriguing patch-work of a picture frame.

  Box frames with things inside…

Our custom frame service isn’t just about custom sizes – we can also house objects inside frames for lucky children. Boys might like a football shirt as the feature, while girls could have a doll or anything else they are madly in love with.

We’ll be back next week with more ideas and something different once again.

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