Step by step: 3 steps to choosing the perfect mount for your picture frame

Written by chris pink on April 10, 2015 in Picture Framing

If there is any subject within the realm of picture framing that causes confusion and alarm, it’s got to be that of the mounts which accompany picture frames. Do it right and you’ll enhance the image, creating a match made in heaven. Do it wrong and you’ll dampen the allure of the art-work inside the wood exterior, resulting in a look which won’t enhance anything!

This week, here’s our 3 step guide to selecting the best mount possible.

Step 1: know your colours

The way to bring out the true personality of a painting or photo is to select a dominant colour from the painting. This may sound simple, but when there are several, it certainly isn’t!

Achieve the best look by choosing a colour which will both match your art and go well in your home. If in doubt, over anything, select a colour which will work well in the room you intend to put the painting in. Nobody will notice if the mount colour is slightly different to that of the painting’s main colour, but eyes will notice if you choose a colour that doesn’t fit in the chosen environment!

Step 2: double mounts can work wonders

Many people opt for a very plain mount, fearing that too bright a colour will look strange. In truth, a bright colour, as long as it’s appropriate, can work wonders! Double mounts, equally – where there is a thin slip of a bolder colour on the inside and a lighter one on the outside – can look fantastic.

The key, as with anything, is moderation. So go easy on having too much bright colour showing.

Step 3: opinions are divided…so trust your instinct

Want a certain colour mount? There are no hard and fast rules here! While we give advice constantly about the best colours and textures, sometimes breaking the rules works well in itself. This is particularly true if you are mounting abstract work. Sometimes, choosing the right mount can be as much about the personality of the painting or the person who’s hanging it on their wall, so don’t be afraid to break away from the pack!

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