Unusual picture framing ideas worth talking about

Written by chris pink on April 24, 2015 in Picture Framing

The world of picture framing can be a formal one at times, and with measurements and room dynamics often taking centre stage, it’s easy to go the same route as everyone else.

Look beyond the usual, however, and there are all kinds of ways of using picture frames to present work in a more adventurous manner. In this week’s blog post, we take a look at a few.

Reconsider the way you think of mounts

Standard mounts are absolutely ideal for things like formal portraits, but what do you do when you feel like mixing things up a bit? The answer is…experiment!

Delve into our archives and you’ll discover a host of bold colours and intriguing effects that could really bring out your subject’s personality.

If you’re feeling really daring, you could even hand-paint your own mount and then cut it at home with some simple mount cutting equipment.

Distressed frames are fully customizable!

Ever wanted to put your own spin on a frame? In that case, you could buy a gold leaf frame and then take some wire wool to it, revealing the layers of paint underneath.

This gives an immediate aged quality to a frame, and makes it look interesting without it being scruffy. If you’re really up for challenge you could even have a go at gold leafing a frame yourself.

Frame something truly unique

Typically, it’s art-work and photos that get the picture framing treatment. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options.

For example, we can frame anything from a pebble collection to a wrestling outfit, and we’ll do it in a box frame that will make a wonderful gift.

Box frames are wonderful because they’re modern, sturdy, and they make a piece stand out from the wall they are hung on.

So, next time you think about going standard, give some consideration to doing something a little bit different. Colour is your friend, and the only thing limiting your creations is creativity!

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