Which picture frame for a beach scene? Advice to keep you inspired

Written by chris pink on April 17, 2015 in Picture Framing

It’s here, there’s no denying it: our days of cold and rain are (hopefully! Please?!) behind us for this year, and summer is upon us. And with that realisation comes another one – it’s time to head down to the beach and snap away!

That’s all fine and well, but how do you frame a beach scene? Good question. In this week’s blog post, we’ll show you how, offer inspiration and give you some picture framing food for thought.

1: light coloured mounts work well

The Beatles. A solar eclipse. Some things are great and always will be. Enter the off-white mount. This has been a firm favourite with beach photos for many years, and there’s no reason to change that now. The white contrasts really well with the stunning blue sky, and it also offers enough contrast with the sand at the bottom. Job done.

2: natural wood frames are just the start

Natural wood picture frames are the obvious choice for these kinds of pictures. Then again, you may want to be bolder. For example, if you have a sunset, you could go with a bright colour frame that matches the burning sun, or a dark blue one for a stormy beach night.

3: metal frames have their uses too

The silvery sands and metallic rocks in some photos make metal frames a great option if you want something hard wearing, smart and with enough smoothness to shine under lights. These also work exceptionally well for black and white photographs or monochrome images.

4: wide frame, anyone?

Slim frames are great, and can allow the picture to become the star of the show. Wide frames, however, should not be forgotten! They lead the eye in and really make the piece in to a stunning feature that jumps out from the wall.

That’s all for this week. Look out for more picture framing advice in the weeks to come!

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