Insight week: what happens when you order a picture frame?

Written by chris pink on May 15, 2015 in Picture Framing

2015 may be the age of automation, but that doesn’t mean our craft people just shove some wood in a machine and get a frame out the other end.

Far from it, in fact! In this week’s blog, we take you through the process – from what happens when someone orders a frame, to every practical step along the way (OK, not every practical step, but most and everything you, as a customer, need to know).

1: your enquiry/order

Often, the order is simple. A photographer needing basic black frames of the same size for their photography business, perhaps, or a standard metal frame set.

Then there’s the enquiry which needs assistance. Like when someone needs specialist advice on colours, where they are putting their frame, or the type of wood they might use.

We’re happy to get on with the job as specified, or give it some proper thought and give you our expert opinion.

It’s worth noting that we make a lot of custom sized frames, too. We couldn’t possibly list everything we are asked about here, but suffice to say that it is a lot!

2: sourcing the goods

The way it works is this: we keep materials on-site, and when we don’t have a moulding that we need, we order it in. The key here is quality control.

We inspect every moulding that comes through the door. And not just for dents. We make sure wood isn’t too warped, discoloured, or low quality.

We also make sure that when a frame is being put together, all the pieces are similar, so that it looks right and nothing is out of place.

3: frame creation

Where do we start? An average day might see us assembling dozens of sleek metal frames, piecing together tricky wood custom orders, or framing a difficult to house item (like a football shirt or a children’s toy).

Once again, it’s an opportunity for us to keep an eye on quality and keep you, the customer, happy.

4: package and send

What good is all that hard work if not protected at the end? All our frames are wrapped appropriately.

Have a question? We’re here to help, so feel free to email or give us a ring and have a chat.

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