Top 5 things to consider when hunting for a wooden picture frame

Written by chris pink on May 8, 2015 in Picture Framing

Wooden picture frame, anyone? We sell everything from metal picture frames to pewter picture frames, but clearly wooden picture frames are our biggest seller, and something we get asked a lot about.

With such an industry staple, you’d think you could almost close your eyes and pick a frame. But alas, some care needs to be taken. Here, in this week’s blog post, we show you what to consider when hunting a suitable wooden picture frame down.

1: not all wood of the same kind looks the same

Looking for some new cherry wood picture frames for the house? Keep in mind that grains differ in all types of wood, and that means that although your new picture frame will look very similar, there may be slight differences in tone and colour.

2: deceptively simple wood picture frames are the way to go

There are lots of ornate wood picture frames on offer to the public, from mouldings with high detail, to frames with deep profiles. However, simple flat frames are always a good bet. Failing that, you could always select a curved frame.

With their smoothed, rolled-over edges, these look classy and come in an array of wood varieties.

3: there are bargains to be had

Found a frame that you love, but that’s slightly too expensive? In that case, consider a narrower frame, or a slightly different type. You’ll be surprised by some of the deals we can do.

4: narrow frames with large mounts work very well

If you’re on a tight budget, but have a large picture that you need mounted and framed, your best bet may well be a narrow frame and a wide mount.

Chunky frames often cost a lot in large sizes, so this can be one way to make a compromise without ending up with something a million miles from what you intended.

5: don’t forget about the dark colours!

Dark woods may not be quite as popular as the lighter varieties, but they can work just as well.

Be sure to look at everything from walnut to virtually black – coupled with an eggshell or off-white mount, these can make for visually arresting combinations with excellent high-contrast.

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