What kind of picture frame and picture is right for your home?

Written by chris pink on May 26, 2015 in Picture Framing

Here on this blog we like to think we’ve covered quite a bit by now. That being said, there’s always something else to consider, and this week it’s the pictures themselves…when you have so many, how do you choose which to frame and which to leave out?

It isn’t simple by any means, but here are 3 pointers which always make things easier.

Frames (and rooms) love themes

We know that it’s possible to frame lots of different types of thing in one place. The question is more if you should choose to do that. Some homes work well with lots of different art-work on the walls, but generally speaking, we think it’s fair to say that art and frames go hand-in-hand with themes.

A theme will give you a dominant colour that compliments your furniture, and it’ll also enable you to use the same kind of picture frame throughout, which means that you won’t spend forever choosing different ones. If you still want to frame lots of different things it may still be possible, of course. In this case, try to use similar mounts and frames which are different, but not strikingly so in size, width and profile.

Colour considerations

Let’s say you have a series of Vietnamese paintings. They’re bright with red and yellow colours, and will really make an impact on your walls. Got lots of red and yellow in the room already? In that case, the impact will be big.

If you don’t want the impact to be quite so forceful, we’d recommend you tone it down a bit. By all means feel free to employ colour, but be careful – sometimes the brightest colours need to be used in moderation (unless you want the impact they give!).

Format and spacing

Chances are that, without you even really registering it, your room is dictating a certain kind of picture and size of frame go on the wall. Examine your furniture. Is it chunky, delicate, traditional or dark wood? The size of the objects in the room will go a long way towards influencing the frames you can hang within it. For example, if the room already contains a lot of old wooden furniture, be careful not to use bulky wooden frames that add too much extra of the same thing.

That concludes this week’s blog. Feel free to get in touch if you have a query, would like a quote or simply have a burning picture framing question!

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