3 (of many) questions we’re happy to answer about picture framing

Written by chris pink on June 5, 2015 in Picture Framing

Here are 3 exceedingly common questions we get asked quite a lot. Ask us these and you’re very likely to get answers to much more, and gain expert insight that you didn’t have before.

Don’t have time? Then this blog post should help you out plenty for now!

Number 1: “how custom is custom?”

A very good question to start with. Allow us to put it like this: we frame whatever comes our way.

That really could mean anything!

One day it might be some treasured jewellery, displayed in the centre of a frame, seemingly levitating in a void, while the next it could be a very narrow portrait-style frame that requires special attention to its mount.

Think it can’t be framed? We can’t claim to be able to frame absolutely everything, but we will be honest with you and always do our best.

Number 2: “can you guide me as to what kind of

wood and finishes you care to offer?”

Yes we can, absolutely. We understand that our website is big and that not everyone wants to (or can!) spend hours looking through all its pages.

In this case, allow us to really narrow down your options. One of our expert framers will discuss some options with you and give you a great starting point.

That way, you’ll start off with solid options and may even be exposed to ideas that you had never previously considered…but that work really well!

Number 3: “I’m not sure how to frame this watercolour

we found, can you please advise?”

My, you are polite.

Yes. No problem. Some things are very easy to frame. Others require a bit more thought. Watercolours, in general, need to be considered with specific care.

We could just shove one in a frame, but would that ensure it longevity? We don’t think so. Watercolour paper can be incredibly fragile…

The key thing to take away from all this is the following: framing isn’t just about making something attractive and wall-worthy, it’s about maintaining it in as good a state as possible, for as long as we possibly can!

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