All about buying panoramic picture frames

Written by chris pink on December 5, 2014 in Picture Framing

Browsed our online shop recently? Then you’ll likely have noticed that panoramic is something we can do. And when it comes to this unique way of presenting images, the only limits are the ones your camera has. Fortunately, most cameras nowadays have a panoramic mode, wide-angle lens, or can produce images that can be manipulated with easy-to-use software.

What your options are…

We could write a dozen pages about this, but instead we’ll keep it simple: we can make you panoramic frames in wood with grain, or wood that’s simple, no fuss and painted. Equally, we do black frames, antique-looking frames and contemporary box frames.

Have a look at this page if you need some inspiration!

Don’t forget, too, that we can put a series of photos in a panoramic frame for you. That way, you can collect all those lovely Christmas photos of the new baby in the family, or your siblings, and put them together in one frame – a better solution if you have less room, or your photos are part of a specific collection.

Landscapes take on a whole new meaning

Have a number of photos from that trip to Greece last year but would really like to put them all together into a single picture? If your snaps line-up appropriately, why not stitch the images together and frame them as one expansive vista? Nearly all photo-editing software programs make this fairly simple.

Don’t panic if your size is a little out of the ordinary!

We get lots of enquiries from people who want a panoramic frame, but are worried it’s unusual. This is probably because the standard frames you can buy in shops are things like 10 by 8 inches, and 10 by 12.

However, have no fear. If you require a very wide, but not very deep frame, we can do it easily. The only thing you need to bear in mind is that firstly you have enough room for it to hang and look right, and that your mount (matting) gives enough of a window that your photo or image won’t appear too thin and out-of-proportion.

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