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Launch Design Studio

The perfect frame for every picture

We’re on a bit of a mission. We want to mobilise the nation! We want to get all those brilliant, unusual and sometimes frighteningly-large pictures on walls… All those pictures you love, but have left languishing because you’ve never quite been able to find the right size frames for them. All those pictures that fall between the regular sizes. All those epic panoramas and wall-filling posters…

Frames in every style and size

Here at picture frame studio we make frames for every picture. Nearly every size. Every shape. Every weird assortment of different size large or small even the fabulous multi-aperture frame. And we make it really easy for you…

Choosing your custom sized picture frame just takes a minute. All you need to do is give us the dimensions – and you can check out the online sizing guide to help you. Then, choose a frame and a mount, and that’s pretty much it. Job done. We’ll make your custom frame here in the uk – just give us three or four days – and then get it out to you ASAP.

Frames for you

You can frame pretty much anything – that’s the beauty of custom picture framing. And when you’ve finally found a frame for that favourite poster or artwork, you might… want to start thinking about all the other things you can finally frame…

• Feel free to challenge us. Customers have asked us for all sorts of custom frames, from small to large, from long and thin to wall-filling frames.
• You can frame anything. Well almost. We can make box frames too, for all your treasured mementos, from sports shirts to books and baby’s booties!
• Panoramic pictures. Panoramas make some stunning pictures – and now they’re easier to frame than ever before.
• Your colour, your style. Choose from a huge range of colours and pick a style to suit – anything from sleek and modern to ornate gold frames and elegant gallery frames.

Frame sure fit

Make a measuring mistake and we replace your frames for free

Ordering custom picture frames online can feel a bit risky. Suppose you get your measurements wrong? Don’t sweat it. That’s what our Sure-Fit guarantee is for. If you make a mistake, we’ll send you a replacement at the right size. And we won’t even ask you to pay the postage. In fact, we’ll only ever ask for more money if there’s a price difference between the sizes. So you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

See the results…

You can even see how your framed pictures will look before you buy. Give our on-line picture framing application a go and upload an image of your picture in any of our available style and colour combinations.