Picture Mounts

Whether you're planning to enhance the visual appeal of your framed picture or wish add an extra layer of protection - our precision cut mounts will do the trick.

Design Your Mount Now

Big Colour Selection

We have a wide range of colours to select from. Try different combinations of up to 3 layers to create a really unique result!

Single or Multi Opening

Whether your framing a single image or up to 12 pictures, we can help you design your perfect mount.

Need it

Phone us if your framing need is urgent! We can offer you options for any framing situation.

1 hour
delivery slots

No more waiting in all day! We aim to accurately predict exactly when your frame will arrive at your door.

or your money back

We will refund you or replace your frame if you are not completely satisfied.

Custom made
for you!

You can design a totally unique, custom frame in our framing studio and we create it just for you.

Some things to consider designing a mount


All our mounts are of conservation grade and Ph neutral so they will not discolour over time and damage your pictures

The perfect mount can transform the whole look of your picture and your frame. So here are a few things to bear in mind when you’re choosing your mount:

  • How many layers would you like? Adding extra layers to your mount can add depth to the picture. The effect is like a hand of playing cards, so you see the top layer in full as well as a ‘fan’ of the lower layers.
  • What size of mount border will suit your picture? The borders will expand around your picture (so the frame size will be bigger too). A larger or stronger image may well benefit from a wider border.
  • We can cut your mount to any size too. And just let us know if you’d like any advice for the optimum size of mount for your image.
  • Colour! The colour of your mount will have a significant impact on the look of the picture and the frame. You can choose a complementary or a contrasting colour to show off your image to best effect