Multi opening picture frames

A custom multi-opening picture frame lets you display up to 12 images in a single frame. The perfect way to show off your family photos or remember that special day!

Have a go in our design studio and create your perfect layout!

Design a Multi Frame Now

Cant find your layout?

If you want a different layout to the online options, probably best to give us a call on 01270 625 675

Different Size Pictures

Have different size images? No worries! You can specify the size of each image in your frame and we'll ensure a perfect fit.

Need it

Phone us if your framing need is urgent! We can offer you options for any framing situation.

1 hour
delivery slots

No more waiting in all day! We aim to accurately predict exactly when your frame will arrive at your door.

or your money back

We will refund you or replace your frame if you are not completely satisfied.

Custom made
for you!

You can design a totally unique, custom frame in our framing studio and we create it just for you.

Making your perfect multi-aperture (opening) frames

So you want multiple photos in one frame be it 2, 3 4, 5, 6 no problem you can actually have up to 12. But we’ve found that the standard size multi-opening frames can be a bit restrictive. That’s why we let you call the shots… Design yours online and save hours of searching.

You tell us how many apertures you want, what size all your photos are, and what configuration they should be in. (You can even have different size apertures in the same frame if you like.)

Standard sizes versus custom sizes

We’ll make your perfect multi frame for you so you can fill it with the pictures you want. That’s a lot more fun than buying standard size multi frames and being forced to choose pictures just because they fit. And it’s so much better than having to use fewer pictures than you’d like, or more than you’d like, just because you’ve got x number of apertures to fill..

Some Layouts

Our online design studio lets you choose pretty much any layout for framing multiple photos in one frame, from 2 to 12. Some examples are 1×2, 2×2, 3×2, 6×2 1×12 and so on. But if you can’t see the exact layout you are after then give us a call and let us custom design one for you.

Designing your perfect frame

It really is very easy – just follow the step-by-step instructions on our online multi framing application and you’ll be done in no time. Here’s what we need to know…

  • How many apertures would you like? You can choose from two to twelve.
  • What sort of pattern would you like? Horizontal rows? Vertical? Try some different options. Our multi framing app will show you how your frame will look in each new configuration. If you want a different layout to the online options, probably best to give us a call on 01270 625 675 and give us your measurements and desired layout.
  • Want to fit a range of different size pictures in one multi picture frame? Yep, you can do that too. What sort of picture mount would you like? Choose from all our different colours – and choose how many mount layers you want.. Your choices can dramatically change the look of the finished frame. We custom make every multi frame to order
  • Anything else? You control every aspect of your multi-aperture frames. So you can be as specific as you like. You can even change the photo sizes layout and mount border sizes, or the size of the reveal between each mount layer.

Sure fit gaurantee
Ordering multi frames online can feel a bit risky. Suppose you get your measurements wrong? Don’t sweat it. That’s what our Sure-Fit guarantee is for. If you make a mistake, we’ll send you a replacement at the right size. And we won’t even ask you to pay the postage. In fact, we’ll only ever ask for more money if there’s a price difference between the sizes. So you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

Watch your design take shape…

When you use our picture framing application, you’ll see how your finished frame is going to look. And we think that’s especially useful with multi-aperture frames. After that, it just remains for you to arrange your pictures in the perfect combination, ready for framing…