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That illusive Gold frame in the right size just got that bit nearer !

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Upload your photo decide the size add one of 50 frame styles and maybe some picture mounts, VOILÀ !!

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You can design a totally unique, custom frame in our framing studio and we create it just for you.

The man with the golden frame

It’s hard to beat the classic gold frame for good looks and elegance. Whether you choose an ornate style or something a bit simpler, gold gives every image a lift.

And of course, the right frame will really enhance that picture. So… the only problem is choosing. We do have more than sixty custom made frame styles for you to consider, as well as all our standard size gold frames too.

Classic good looks – in gold

Some images are made for gold frames: from classic family photos to those great old shots of your most distinguished relatives! But gold frames really complement classic artwork too. From Constable to Seurat, there’s nothing better than a beautiful landscape in a beautiful frame

Choose the frame style to suit your picture

Gold is always a good choice. But really, it’s only half the choice. You still have to decide on the type of frame you want. Will you go for an ornate frame or a more contemporary slim-style frame? Here are a few pointers to help you choose:

  • Gold is the perfect choice when you really want to draw the eye – gold picture frames certainly aren’t anonymous; people can’t help but look.
  • A gold ornate picture frame will really heighten the drama and the impact of your image, but make sure the image is strong enough
  • A traditional, antique style gold frame is a perfect choice for that peerless image large or small – a frame of character for a cherished portrait perhaps.
  • A less decorous more modern, slimmer style frame is a great choice for documents and certificates as well as graduation images.

Why not try your image in our gold frames and see what works? Just upload a copy of the image and try it any or all of our gold frames and picture mounts online.

Frame sure fit

Make a measuring mistake and we replace your frames for free

Ordering picture frames online can feel a bit risky. Suppose you get your measurements wrong? Don’t sweat it. That’s what our Sure-Fit guarantee is for. If you make a mistake, we’ll send you a replacement at the right size. And we won’t even ask you to pay the postage. In fact, we’ll only ever ask for more money if there’s a price difference between the sizes. So you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

Over to you…

If you’ve tried our online framing app and you’re still not sure of the best look and fit for your picture, let us know. (It helps to have an impartial eye.) Just give us a call on 01270 625 675 and we’ll tell you what we think.