About Us

About us

We have been around since 1999. There are six of us at the moment – all time-served framers – working out of a converted barn in the heart of Cheshire.

We’re not sure just how many pictures, photos and prints we’ve helped people frame over the years. A lot! You’ve certainly kept us busy with orders for standard and bespoke frames for homes and businesses all over the place. (There are a lot of our frames at hotels in Dubai!)

So let’s tell you a little bit more about the kind of service you can expect from us…

Custom-made frames

What sort of frame do you want? Whatever it is, we can make it for you. Any size, any mount, any frame style; feel free to challenge us!

It’s really easy too – give our online framing application a go. You just need to enter the size of your image, choose your frame colour and style, and we’ll make it for you.

Better yet, upload a copy of your image and you can see exactly how it’ll look when it’s framed.

Frame sure fit

Make a measuring mistake and we replace your frames for free

Quick turnaround

How long would you normally expect to wait for custom-made frames from a traditional shop-based framers? Two to three weeks? Probably.

Our production time is just four to five days. And we deliver in 48 hours.

Peace of mind

We’re not the biggest online framers, but that’s okay. We’re happy as we are – a family business that’s all about quality and service. And, we’re the only online framers to give you this guarantee…

We know that ordering frames online can feel a bit risky… Suppose you get your measurements wrong? Don’t worry – our Sure-Fit guarantee gives you the reassurance that even if you make a mistake with your measurements, we’ll send you a replacement at the right size. And we won’t even ask you to pay the postage. In fact, we’ll only ever ask for more money if there’s a price difference between the sizes. So you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

Supposing your frames arrive damaged? Just let us know within seven days of receiving your order and will replace them for you or refund you. There’ll be no cost to you.


We think we can save you between 30-50% on the sorts of prices you’d pay at the local picture framers. That’s because we use the most efficient computerised equipment to keep our production costs down.

Just as importantly, we are a debt-free company – and we own our own premises outright, so we’ve got very low overheads. And that means we can squeeze our margins and still stay competitive.

Message from ‘the Boss’

Hello, thanks for reading this far! I’m Mike, and I’ve got two main missions in my working life:

First, to get more of the nation’s hard-to-frame posters, prints and artwork on the walls! (We’re getting there!)

Second – and even more importantly, I’m here to make sure you get what you want from us –  the right frames at the right price – and always within just a couple of days of your order.

So if you enjoy dealing with us, and you’re impressed with your frames, I’d love to know. Same goes if you have any problems. Just let me know and I’ll do what I can to sort it out for you.

Don’t forget, we’ve got a guarantee in place too, so if anything goes wrong with your order, we promise we’ll put it right for you. After all, our motto is: Take pride in everything you do and the rest will follow. .

Finally, I’d just like to say a big thank you to each and every one of you who has ever bought a frame or frames from us. We hope you love them.

Best wishes,

From all of the team