Measuring Your Artwork

This simple guide will enable you to measure your artwork accurately to ensure that your picture frames fit correctly.

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Measuring for a Frame with a Picture Mount

How to measure for a Frame with a Picture Mount

  • What is a picture mount you ask? It is a piece of ph neutral card that we cut an opening in for your picture to sit in. It offsets your picture from the frame.
  • First step for measuring you picture is to lay it on a flat table and measure its width and height in mm. Don’t measure any white borders if you don’t want to see them. Ie just measure what you want to see of your picture.
  • We do automatically allow 2.5mm per side overlap that will stop your picture falling through the opening in the picture mount. Basically we cut the hole smaller than your picture so that you have enough room at the back of the mount to tape it in.
  • People commonly mistake what the eventual size of the frame will be and worry it will not fit. The only constant is your picture size the mount and frame expand in size around the size of your picture.
  • You are also backed by our Sure Fit Guarantee

Measuring Width



Measuring Height


Measuring for a Frame without a picture mount

A simple frame without a mount

  • When order a frame only you need to simply measure the size of your picture including any white borders.
  • If you do not want to see the white border you will need to trim them off first before measuring. (see fig 3 & 4).
  • All our frames are cut to an internal size 1.5mm bigger than your picture. This is to allow easy fitting. It should be noted that all our frame have an internal lip your picture sits in, this will pinch about 5 or 6 mm of your picture when viewing from the front.
  • We cut your frames to an internal size from the back. So you will see slightly less from the front. And the overall size of your frame will be the moulding fascia width in addition.


Measuring for a multi opening frame.

Measuring for a multiple opening frame


  • First thing is to lay out your picture as you want to see them in the frame. Ie in rows and columns.
  • Measure excluding any white borders on your photo. Ie measure what you want to see.
  • Secondly measure each photo in mm. Our system only takes mm. You should measure leaving 5mm per side for overlap to allow you to be able to tape the photo to the back of the mount and stop it falling through the opening in the mount.
  • We cut multiple mount openings to the exact size you tell us.


measuring_height    measuring_width