SureFit Guarantee

sure fit

Free replacements for measuring mistakes.

Ordering custom picture frames online can feel a bit risky. Suppose you get your measurements wrong? Don’t sweat it. That’s what our SureFit guarantee is for. If you make a mistake, we’ll send you a replacement at the right size. And we won’t even ask you to pay the postage. In fact, we’ll only ever ask for more money if there’s a price difference between the sizes. So you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

Terms of Offer

  • Must tell us within 7 days or receipt
  • Same product, same colour or if you choose a different style this may incur additional costs
  • If there is a difference in price due to needing a much larger frame, the difference will be chargeable
  • Where possible we may look to re cut the frame you have
  • We wont even charge you any additional delivery